Welcome to AntonioKing.com we are a group of Voice Artist, Actors and Designers, looking to improve the world one project at a time! At AntonioKing.com, we not only voice projects and commercials, we write stories and design, stunning web pages, secure e-commerce sites and dynamic logos, tailor made to fit your needs and your imagination. We are adept at trailers, videogame voicing, promos, documentaries, audiobooks, ADR/Dubbing, infomercials, commercials, television, film and telephone/IVR.

Our goal is to provide quality voice work, stories, and designs to give back to everyone. We also offer commentary and wisdom, advice and motivation, from cultures all around the world. We review the hottest trends, movies and products in the entertainment industry, with polls and activities to get people talking. We Create relationship debates to spark massive conversations at the Office!

So come design with us, there is no better time, then now.

Compose a guest comment, and feel free to send us an email at antonioking@antonioking.com

The code of AntonioKing.com is the Samurai code! Stressing loyalty, honor, wisdom and drive!

“Never tell a lie, never fail to be courteous, never shame anyone, never disguise your intentions, never accept anything that is unfair or unreasonable, never display anger, never display weakness, never criticize your own company, and always keep your word!”


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