If you’re looking for great sounding headphones that won’t break your wallet and will bring the boom, look no further than the Ailihen M10. These sound isolating earphones come in a stylish blue box, no we’re not talking about the Tardis, that will hold your future favorite earphones. Inside the box you’ll find your Ailihen carrying case, that contain your earphones, replacement size buds so you can switch from small, medium or large and fastening clip.

Once you find the size earbud for you, now it’s time to listen to the magic. Made for IOS, that’s us Apple phone lovers, and for Android phones users, these earphones deliver great sound right out the box, and they are useable by your MP3 or anything that needs a 3.5mm jack. I should note that the current IPhone 7’s and foreseeably future IPhone’s, will need the 3.5mm to lightning adapter, but that comes standard with the new iPhone’s anyway.

The first thing you’ll notice is how sturdy these earphones feel, with its strong braided cord to its solid aluminum construction, if only everything were built this way. On the cord is the inline mic and remote, the remote side lets you change tracks or take calls easily and smoothly with just a press of a button. Pausing, changing tracks, going back is simple. Just 3 press to go back to the previous track, 2 presses to go forward and 1 to pause or to answer a call, how much cooler can you get than that.

For sound quality you have to hear to believe, with booming bass, hi and pure sounding treble and smooth mid vocals. The Ailihen M10 sound isolating earphones will get you the sound you need, and the quality you want without breaking your wallet. So comfortable, you’ll forget they are there. I give these earphones a solid 4.5 out of 5! Great job Ailihen, you can find them here on their website. Or here on Amazon!

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