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If you need DJ Services for a party, a wedding, or any occasion we’ve got the right jam services for you. Contact us for a quote.

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At we offer full service DJ’ing. We create the full party situation, with speakers that shake the room, lighting to remember and exciting music to dance the night away. Couple that with video and photography for a full package experience.  Competative pricing keeps the party going!

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Our DJ’s know how to rock a room and get people dancing.

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Race: Let’s talk about it.

Race: Let’s talk about it.

What is Race? Why do so many adhere to these classifications. Consider that the concept of race is a false classification of people, a social construct.  That it is not based on any real or accurate biological, religious or scientific truth. So why do we still have...

Hamilton – “Wait For it”

Hamilton – “Wait For it”

Hamilton's "Wait For it" [BURR] Theodosia writes me a letter every day I'm keeping the bed warm while her husband is away He's on the British side in Georgia He's trying to keep the colonies in line But he can keep all of Georgia Theodosia, she's mine Love doesn't...