Welcome to AntonioKing.com. We are a group of Voice Artists, Actors and Designers – Looking to improve the world, one project at a time!

AntonioKing.com provides quality voice work, that allows your message to shine through. Quality is our #1 goal. Providing voice work, for any project, from audio-books, narration, radio and many other variety. With our pulse on today’s trending pop culture, we can review the newest movies, hottest games and coolest products in the entertainment industry all while sharing how these market trends can benefit you and get people talking about your product. Our hearts are put into the stories we share, those we tell and the designs we create, in order to allow your message to shine through. We offer social commentary on a wide array of topics, including politics and world events. We share life wisdom from around the world, sage advice from the masters, and help provide guidance and motivation for you to reach your business needs.

AntonioKing.com services:

  • Voice Work: Movie trailers, video-game voicing, promos, documentaries,commercials, audio-books, infomercials, ADR/Dubbing, television, film and telephone/IVR.
  • Logo Design, web design and e-commerce sites: We create hand drawn mascots, logo designs, text designed logos, vintage designs, signature business logos. We create professional eCommerce websites with SEO services & development.
  • Audio and video processing: Since 1999, AntonioKing.com has been delivering high quality video and audio services at low cost to the consumer, we produce the professional look and feel you deserve, with state of the art HD cameras, professional camcorders, lighting and high level sound equipment.
  • DJ and event photography/videography: Versatile DJ’s for any event, wedding, club or birthday parties. Our DJ’s understand the type of sound and feel that correlates with the type of event you’re having.  You’ll get great sound, awesome personalities and hypnotic lights made for dancing.

All  services are tailor made to fit your needs and imagination!

Let us help you, to have your message heard loud and clear and to allow your brand and design to stand out among others!

There’s no better time than now to create with us!

Our Mission:

Why do we work so hard, and what drives us to be the best?

At AntonioKing.com we live by the Samurai code: Stressing Loyalty, Honor, Wisdom and Drive. We’ve translated the code into our business workings and use the code to excel and always do our best in everything we do and create. To fight for our place at the top, unrelenting and to do it all knowing we gave our clients everything they wanted and needed while going above and beyond. Our clients are our friends, family, companions and motivators, they are why we do what we do.

The code of the samurai, stresses unquestioning loyalty and obedience and valuing honor above life. That’s how we live and that’s how we run our business.

Remember the Code: “Never tell a lie, never fail to be courteous, never shame anyone, never disguise your intentions, never accept anything that is unfair or unreasonable, never display anger, never display weakness, never criticize your own company, and always keep your word!”

To read more on Bushido or to purchase a copy of “The Japanese Samurai Code” by Boye Lafayette De Mente you can purchase it at Amazon.com by clicking on the link.

Get started today, drop us an email at: antonioking@antonioking.com.

We will be happy to answer any questions you might have.


Antonio is available for voice overs and audio-books and you may email him with requests. You can also find him at these sites, Voice123.com, Voices.com, Voicebunny.com and ACX.com.

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