Race: Let’s talk about it.

What is Race?

Why do so many adhere to these classifications. Consider that the concept of race is a false classification of people, a social construct.  That it is not based on any real or accurate biological, religious or scientific truth. So why do we still have it, adhere to it and propagate it, if its just a social construct. It seems self evident that we are all one people and one race, the human race. Yet, it appears as if our distinctions and differences, are much more apparent to the average person. Then the numerous similarities than each person shares with many different cultures, nationalities and skin tones, all over the world.

Logically speaking, to say that someone is a different race, because of the color of their skin, where there were born, or from what culture they adhere to, seems to be highly irrational, some would say immoral and irresponsible. An article from the noteworthy PBS.org, explains this more. While going in depth at explaining many of the concerns, for those who have a high level of melanin in their skin. It consequently gives more information about the misrepresentations, fallacies and falsehoods, you can read it here…

Tree of all people and race

Racial Concepts

The concept and misconception of race, is explained in an article from Vox.com, 11 ways race isn’t real. Explaining people either accept or want to completely disregard this social construct. However, doing so can be at their own peril. From those who look like them, as well as others.  Some don’t wish to be associated with a particular “race”. In contrast, there are some, that it seems to be a badge of honor. A way to separate them, from us.

How did Racial distinctions begin?

The introduction of race, began as a way to make settlers, feel better about the men they were enslaving. With the need for a workforce, and by calling those men black, and themselves white, it created a distinction. Illustrating whom could be the master, as who was worthy of being the slave.

Above all, race has been perpetuated for many years. And ss a result, Hollywood has also had a hard time distinguishing what is appropriate, as the video below illustrates. Be sure to take a look at other videos we’ve posted here on this subject, and for more from our writers at AntonioKing.com, here are some other things to consider. Honesty… read more. and Love, from a cycle of pain… read more.