Today’s Japanese will be: Food Cont… and Hiragana Sa, Also we will start to learn to make words

Chopsticks – Ohashi, Hashi

Strawberry – Ichigo (Yes from Bleach!)

Apple – Ringo

Sushi – Osushi

Spinach – Hoorensoo

Chicken – Toriniku

Bread – Pan (Also from DragonBall Z and GT)

Juice – Juusu

Beer – Biiru

Rice Wine – Osake

Hiragana Sa… and as promise we’re going to make some words from what we’ve learned so far, so let’s learn the Japanese word for Japanese Rice Wine, or Sake

Image of Hirangana Sa

This is how you would politely say Sake! You can now spell with Japanese! Aren’t you proud of yourself?!

Image of Hiragana OImage of Hirangana SaImage of the Hirogana kaImage of Hiragana E