Today’s Daily Japanese will be: Particles Part 3 and Hiragana Ne, back by popular demand!

Gomen Nasai (I’m Sorry), Family matters caused a halt to a lot of posts on the site, but we’re back and in the swing of things again!


To – Completes a list and also connects nouns, follows the person with whom, follows direct and indirect quotes, follows a verb clause to mean when or just as.

Antonio asked, “You understand right?” – Antonio san wa “Wakarimasu ne?” to kikimashita

Yori – Used when comparing or contrasting, meaning instead or than, follows the word which is the smallest or lesser of the compared words.

I like movies more than TV – Telebi yori Eiga ga suki desu


Noni – It means although, used between clauses, very similar to ga.

Although the weather is good, we won’t eat outside – Tenki ga ii noni, soto de tabemasen


Hiragana Ne

Image of Hiragana - ne