Today’s Japanese will be: Particles Part 4… and Hiragana No


Nagara – follows the stem of a verb and means while, simultaneous actions

While watching TV, I ate Sushi – Telebi o minagara sushi o tabimashita


Kare – follows a reason clause to mean because or since. The reason clause always preceded the result clause of the sentence.

Because it was hot, I didn’t eat – Atsuikatta desu kara, tabemasen


Hodo – meaning as much as, it follows the word which has the larger or greater quantity compared, similiar to Yori, most sentences are negative. Also follows a quantity word meaning about.

I’m not as skilled with Japanese as a someone from Japan – Watashi wa nihonjin hodo nihongo ga jouzu ja arimasen

Hiragana No

Image of Hiragana - no