Action, action and action… there is so much action for the first episode of Kamen Rider Wizard! I haven’t been so in love with a Kamen Rider series since 2008’s Kamen Rider Kiva. Sha Ba Do Be Touch Henshin!

Kamen Rider Wizard is the newest in the Kamen Rider Franchise, and for those of you who don’t know anything about Kamen Rider, read my previous post here, Kamen Rider. This is the story of a Magician with the power to save the world, but nothing is that easy! With Fight sequences that would make John Woo envious, I bring you Kamen Rider Wizard!

The Story begins with our new hero, Haruto Sohma, eating donuts, while sitting on a light pole. When his magical companion arrives with news, he summons a motorcycle out of nowhere and jumps down on it to begin his journey. Meanwhile Detective Daimon and her men investigate strange disturbances at a local factory, only to be ambushed by creatures called ghouls and their leader, a Phantom. Phantoms were once humans, called Gates, that are brought to despair so that a Phantom creature is born to replace the human, while the human dies. The Phantoms keep the memories and appearance of the human, while searching for other Gates to transform into more Phantoms. Once Wizard arrives it kicks into overdrive, with more action then I’ve ever seen in a tokusatsu drama.

Overall this is a GREAT start to a series, I give it a 4½ out of 5! Its near perfect, there are some stale dialogues, but everything else is fantastic. I needed to see a fresh and strong reboot with the new Rider, and they definitely delivered. Kamen Rider Fourze didn’t really feel like a Kamen Rider show to me, there was no great drama or angst, besides the teen angst, It didn’t draw me the way that Wizard has. If your ready for a fresh brand new series, with some of the best special effects you’ll ever find, check out Wizard.

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Henshin! Sa Showtime!

Image of Kamen Rider Wizard