With the release of Kamen Rider Wizard, and at the behest of some of the other YouTube Kamen Rider fans, I bring to you my Top 5 Favorite Henshins, encoded by me of course. For those of you who don’t know, Henshin means Change or Transform in Japanese, and it is usually what is shouted before they become their more powerful forms. You can find out more about Kamen Rider by clicking here… Kamen Rider.

So without any further adieu I bring you… My Top 5 Favorite Kamen Rider Henshins!

#5 Kamen Rider Black RX

Kamen Rider Black RX was the first Kamen Rider I ever watched, I would watch on the TV at night and think, “Wow, what a hero!”. Then Saban, who brought us shows like the Power Rangers, wanted to do an English adaptation of it, unfortunately they had a low budget, aimed it at kids and pretty much took all of the story and drama out of the show.

They did keep alot of the stock footage for the battle sequences, but that’s about it. The Story is about a man who was abducted and changed into a cyborg against his will, before they could finish the job, he escaped and now fights the order as Kamen Rider RX, but FYI, he started off as Kamen Rider Black, and some messed up things happened to him to make him into RX, which is actually the sequel to Kamen Rider Black, like I said… drama!

RX had passion and anger in his transformation that’s why it made it onto the countdown!

#4 Kamen Rider Blade

I loved Kamen Rider Blade, another Rider with tons of passion and energy, and it wasn’t just one, this series had several to choose from, some not so nice, and I love a good anti-hero, you get that and a whole lot more in this series. Their transformation is one of the few that is both a offense and a defensive one. The Story revolves around a company that is fighting the undead and has developed the Rider system to do just that!

#3 Kamen Rider W

Kamen Rider W, redefined the Rider premise, it is the only Rider that is two people in one, both with the ability to think independently of the other. The story revolves around two detectives and they use Gaia memory, to transform into different forms. This show had A LOT of heart and more than a few laughs, and as is common with Kamen Rider stories now, there is another rider the shows up, a tough police detective who becomes the immensely powerful Kamen Rider Axel

#2 Kamen Rider Wizard

This one was a complete surprise to me, I didn’t think the franchise could redeem my faith in Kamen Rider’s after Kamen Rider Fourze, but I believe they realized their mistake and went all out on the budget to bring us Kamen Rider Wizard. I Reviewed Wizard here…. Kamen Rider Wizard, so check that out for the back story

#1 Kamen Rider Decade

Kamen Rider Decade is arguably the most powerful Rider there is, and that will ever be, he takes the powers of other Riders and magnifies them, gaining new abilities and fusing old ones into new combinations. The story was good, but left alot of holes in it that still haven’t been answered, though there is another Kamen Rider Decade movie in the works, and I for one can’t wait to see it. The story revolves around a man who seems to be not of this world or any other, and in order to not see all the worlds destroyed, he has to travel dimensions to defeat that worlds Kamen Rider. Now why does Decade get the top spot? Think about it, he can turn into any rider, so all of the Henshin’s are there, and his own transformation is bad-ass, I’m still not digging the pink, but beyond that Decade is the man…. in pink! lol 🙂 As Decade’s catchphrase says, “Destroy everything, connect everything!”

Image of All Kamen Riders up to Decade